INTERREG France Channel England – SMARTHEALTH – Franco-british support programme for e-health SMEs 

SmartHealth is a 2-year cross-border project (Interreg France Channel England), leaded by a consortium of 4 innovation agencies and clusters in UK and France. For the first time ever, this initiative aims at facilitating the connection between care institutions expressing specific needs with digital SMEs providing solutions from the 2 sides of the Channel.

Through SmartHealth project and support programme, British SMEs will gain insights on French health market (market access, regulatory aspects, key actors…) just as French SMEs will gain insights on UK market. In the meantime, 6 hospitals will benefit from this project as SmartHealth partners will directly source innovation for them, and help digital SMEs meeting these care requirements!

SmartHealth follows a 4-step process:

1 – Engage contacts with healthcare institutions to identify 6 clinical needs (1 per hospital).

2 – Record a video presenting their need(s), to be showcased to interested SMEs from the digital health sector, during the kick-off meeting to be held on 5th February 2019.

3 – Ceremony award where most innovative Franco-British pairs of SMEs will be rewarded with a bespoke support programme to help them deliver innovation, answering clinical needs.

4 – Delivery of the bespoke programme by SmartHealth team: one common programme followed by an “a la carte” individual support.


Application calendar:

  • 11.02.2019 – FAQ opening
  • 11.02.2019 – Application opening (application pack available on each partner website by the 11.02.2019)
  • 03.04.2019 – SMEs SmartHealth event (reminder of the UK and FR statements of clinical needs, presentation of the award)
  • 30.04.2019 – Application closure
  • From the 30.04.2019 to the 31.05.2019 – Appraisal process (selection of a pair of SMEs, one UK, one FR, to answer one hospital’s clinical need)
  • 26.06.2019 – Award Ceremony among MedFIT Business Convention