I-Said Project

Start: 07/01/2016

End: 07/01/2020

The goal of the I-SAID project is to promote on the cross border (France- Belgium) region the inclusion and self-determination of people with intellectual deficiency

The project is articulated around 3 working areas:

  • Participative research aiming the creation of a theoretical and methodological corpus on the self-determination of people with intellectual deficiency and the analysis of their life course. In this working area, a study on the obstacles to cross-border cooperation will also be conducted
  • Inclusive actions through the establishment of communities of practices bringing together professionals and close-relatives to people with Intellectual deficiency in order to test researches results and tools developed. In this working area, a collaborative cross-border platform will be implemented.
  • Training course about the self-determination process for people with intellectual deficiency, their relatives and professionals of the medico-social and health sectors.

Eurasanté joined the partnership of this project aiming at developing an Interregional platform for innovation in Self-determination, Autonomy and Inclusion in people with Disability.


Adress :

Nutrition Health Longevity Cluster
Parc Eurasanté Ouest
310 avenue Eugène Avinée
59120 LOOS ( Lille – métropole – FRANCE )

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