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Our mission

Clubster NHL is a French competitiveness cluster designed to stimulate and support collaborative research between private companies and academic laboratories in projects at the crossroads of biotechnology and food.

At the interface between nutrition and health, our mission is to federate and support players in the food and health sectors in designing, developing, and financing the products and processes of the future.

The NHL Cluster offers its members a complete range of services from emergence to funding of individual or collaborative innovation projects, and business development projects in France and abroad to reach global markets.

Our topics

Our cluster focuses on 3 main strategic directions :


preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions applicable to
lifestyle diseases

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic conditions
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
  • Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)
  • Oncology


protecting health and well-being through a safe, healthy, and sustainable diet

  • Innovations in nutrition and well-being
  • Food safety
  • Sustainable development

The scope of NHL cluster activity revolves around the One Health concept :
Human health is closely related to animal and plant health.

Our markets

  • health foods
  • functional ingredients
  • food supplements
  • therapeutic and diagnostic products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • feed
  • cosmetics

Our areas of interest

  • nutritional innovation
  • food safety
  • clean label
  • eating habits and consumer behavior
  • naturalness
  • clean and innovative processes
  • feed
  • variety selection
  • biomarkers
  • experimental validation of models
  • toxicity/efficacy
  • therapeutic and diagnostic products…

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