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bruno_desprezThe NHL Cluster has made the Lille region a European leader in the Nutrition and Health sector. It has given its members the essential tools for the success of their projects. Together, the highest performing companies and laboratories in their fields have defined a growing number of innovation projects at the interface between Health and Nutrition, for a total investment of more than 370 million euros, bolstering their international competitiveness.

As a player in this sector and already involved in the Cluster’s activities through my company, I wanted to make a bigger contribution to leading the Cluster. That is why I wanted my term of office to be a continuation of the dynamic already initiated by the team and the members of the Cluster, whilst also strengthening the loyalty and involvement of the various participants, nationwide. We aim for the companies involved in these partnerships to move to the forefront of the Health Food sector in France and internationally.

Our community of participants has very clearly expressed the wish to enrich its field of research with new ambitious topics: eating habits and consumer behaviour, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), animal feed, varietal selection, and sustainable development. We are sure that all these topics will anchor the leadership of the NHL Cluster.

On behalf of the Cluster and its members, I invite you to join us and participate actively in this exciting human and scientific adventure, with a wealth of future innovations and collaborations.

We hope you will join us soon.

Bruno Desprez
Chairman of the NHL Cluster


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